Here Is Why You Need A Swiftpoint GT Mouse.

When you hold a swiftpoint GT mouse, you will realize the mouse offers so much more as compared to the usual mouse you use for your PC or Laptop. Firstly, the palm can easily operate on your laptop’s palm rest area, which means, the swiftpoint gt mouse comes with a technology where it is no more bound to require a specific surface or trackball to function on. It also comes with a magnet inside, this doesn’t let your mouse slide while it is not in use. Given these two ease and flexibility only, we can easily say that swift gt mouse is already much better than a normal mouse.  

Compared to your normal mouse, this one comes without a wire, which means, you are not at all restricted to use your mouse from a distance. This mouse comes with two options to easily use it. You can connect the receiver in the USB port and easily use the mouse, or you can also connect it with Bluetooth by going to System Preferences on your system. Once you switch on the Bluetooth on your laptop or any device, then all you got to do it hold down one button on the mouse and it will enable pairing the swift gt mouse with the Bluetooth on your iDevice or Laptop. By design, this mouse is quite light in weight, and weighs 25 grams only. Which also means, this is small and is held using three fingers. Your hand posture becomes as such like you are holding a pen.  

When it comes to motion sensitivity, swiftpoint mouse is definitely quite sensitive. You move it a little to your left, and on the screen it would have went across the other end. Having that said, the swiftpoint mouse maximum 2inches of surface space for it to easily operate. Now compare that with your usual mouse, the space it requires to move from one screen end to the other. So now we know, swiftpoint is compact and delivers a lot than its size.  

You must be wondering, if the mouse operates through Bluetooth or a USB receiver then isn’t charging it a big downer? Well, here is what you should know the biggest advantage of having a swiftpoint gt mouse, all you need to do is charge the mouse for 30 seconds and it will increase the battery life for 1 hour. As the battery hits low, the battery starts flashing LED with an interval of 5 seconds and in 30 seconds, the battery gets charged for another hour. Which means, you do not have to stop or halt your work!  

If this hasn’t changed your mind about getting a Swiftpoint GT Mouse for yourself, then just check out the mouse design and meet us back here where we will find you surfing on our website placing an order for Swiftpoint Gt Mouse. For more information, please log on to

Know The Difference Between Toner Cartridge And Ink Cartridge.

When buying and dealing with accessories for your computer or laptop, it is very important that you know your machine. Each laptop, printer and computer comes as a model and has accessories that are compatible to them. Likewise, when you are buying supplies for your printer specially, it is important to know the cartridge that is compatible when you are replacing it. First and foremost, it is important to know that there is a difference between HP toner cartridges in Australia and ink cartridge and these are two products with different functionality and purpose. It is important for buyers who confuse the both to have a read of this article and understand how their basic characteristics make both the products different from each other. For obvious reasons, the main difference lies in the functionality of the product. Once that is clear, you will decide to buy which type of printer you should be investing in. You can find both toner and ink cartridges available online at Toner Masters and check out their website for more likely computer and printer accessories. 

Toner Cartridges are used for Laser Printers  
Toner plays a unique role in xerographic printing, so using ink is not a substitute. When printing, the laser printer does not press the toner on the paper directly. There’s a technical process behind the printing. An electrostatic template of the image that is to be printed is drawn on the rotating metal drum. This drum is shielded in photosensitive material, and the printing begins with either a negative or a positive charge. With the help of laser precision the electrical charge is altered in few spots as per the data transmitted by the computer and hence, the drum is then covered in magnetically charged toner. The paper on which the printing has to be done, when passing through the printing drum, it also becomes magnetically charged and likewise the fusers then prints the image by heating and melting the plastic particles.  

Ink Cartridges are used for Inkjet Printers. 
Comparative to the technicalities involved in understanding the laser printer, inkjet printer is easier to understand. The ink in the ink cartridges is sheltered in the airtight foil section. The ink cartridge is fixed into the print head and the microscopic ink nozzles prints images while spraying the droplets of ink, while the printing head moves across the paper. However, depending on the inkjet printer model, the speed and functionality of the jets in inkjet can vary.  

Replacement Cost:  
While buying a printer is a onetime cost, it is the replacement of either toner cartridges in Australia or ink cartridges that needs to be considered. In comparison, the cost of replacement is lower for inkjet cartridges as compared to the toner cartridges. However, even if the toner cartridge costs more, it still prolongs for more and is cost-effective, in terms of long term usage.  toner-printer


A Simple Guide To Measure Your Social Media ROI

There are many who think that measuring your returns on social media is not such an easy task. Probably, because there are innumerable data involved in it, and judging each and every one with accuracy can turn out to be a troublesome task. In fact, an independent study showcased that on an average

  • 30% companies said they have unreliable data
  • 38% admitted for poor tools
  • 35% were inconsistent and lacked analytical approach while
  • 58% had the inability to integrate social media with the outcomes of their business

With this, it must be noted that measuring social media ROI does not have to impossible, especially when you have credible media monitoring platform. So, to help you have a perfect approach towards it, this article will explain everything that you wanted to know about return on investment from social media.

Social Media ROI- What is it?

Without a doubt, the true meaning of social media ROI is based on the marketing goals that you have, and a reputed provider of business intelligence solution can help you gain the maximum information about big data analytics ROI. However, it can be simply defined as the revenue or results that your company gets back from money, time and other resources that you have invested on the marketing.

Why Measure Social Media ROI?

There is not one but many reasons that emphasize on the importance of measuring your social media ROI and these are:

  • Understand those specific areas that require efforts and improve them accordingly
  • Determine the appropriate social media channels that offer highest revenue and thus work to be a form of asset for your company
  • Know how the specific changes brought to the campaign have an impact (positive or negative) on your marketing goals.

Let’s say you are running a campaign on a leading social networking platform, and you never examined the progress from the same in terms of what type of customers the marketing has attracted, conversions to sales and whether they are in a long-term relationship. This is exactly what you do when you are not measuring social media ROI.

How To Measure and Track Social Media Goals?

Plan, precision and certified steps combined with exceptional tools are more than enough to measure and track your social media goals. Because at the end of the day, it is your strategies and call-to-action that will make you stand apart from the crowd.

So, to make the most of intangible benefits offered by social media you need to understand what your goals are, measure the ROI, trace your growth and then take the desired steps according to that.